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Uplifting Message for you!

If you don't live near me it is ok! I plan to host some ZOOM classes again soon! Healthy recipe and a workout at the end.... stick with me:)

This is my stress/anxiety relief system... We all carry some sort of stress in life... We all deal with it in different ways- I opened up our studios solely to HELP YOU (while helping me too)...... I was home raising babies for 8 years (quit my full time salon and 15 year clientele that I built).While at home I even did this for you all online... I could not EVER leave the house with 4 kids under 2 ....

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing. I had a wonderful space right in my home... I made a great living as a stylist....and then I just up and quit and moved away... WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I could be there still. Now it would work so well since the kids are older...

I see a lot of my friends taking vacas, buying new homes, buying second homes...and I sometimes think- If i would have not quit working for those 8 years we could probably be doing that too.....YOU SEE

I didn't open PC&Fitness & CC Fit for the money... If I was thinking about money I would just open my salon back up that for sure paid more!

I opened PC&F and CC to meet friends, to relieve some of the stress daily at home life can cause, to get out of the house!.... BUT MAINLY TO HELP OTHERS--

I can't shake it even when I want too.. I was meant to lift others spirits even when mine feel blah... when i walk in to the studio to teach or take a class I feel an INSTANT shift in my energy and when I leave the studio that energy sticks with me for days!!

Find Ease and Balance on your Wellness Journey...w/ us.. we are YOU

some of the classes we offer....

At home workout if you live far away from the studios! or can't make it in today...from my book...

A quick recipe hack for you and light message...

ALL MY RECIPES (based on all of my columns in the TCP) and MORE IN THIS BOOK on Amazon....

IN Spirit, Ad


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